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Clients who live in Edmonton, Beaumont, Sherwood Park or          St.Albert can phone to have the book(s) delivered to your home. If you are an out of area client you may borrow books but you must make arrangements to pick them up. 
If there is a book you would like to see added to this list please let us know and we will add it to our wish list.
If you have a book that you no longer wish to hang on to, but would like to share with others, we would gladly accept any donation.
Look for books with these Great Authors: 
Penny Simkin, Ina May Gaskin, William and Martha Sears, Pauline Perez, Pam England, Dr. Jack Newman, Sheila Kitzinger
Books are listed Alphabetically
A Good Birth a Safe Birth - Diana Korte 
Adventures in Natural Childbirth - Janet Schwegel
Aroma Therapy for Everyone - PJ Pierson 
Attachment Parenting  - Katie Allison Granju
Babies with Down Syndrome - A new Parents Guide
Baby Games - Elrtinaine
Becoming a Father - William Sears
Birthing From Within - Pam England
Breastfeeding and Human Lactation Second Edition- James & Bartlett
Breastfeeding Basics So that's what they're there for- Janet Tamaro
Breastfeeding Made Simple - Nancy Mohrbacher
Dr. Mom's - Guide to Breastfeeding - Marinanne Neifert
Easy Labor - William Camann 
From First Kicks to First Steps - Alan Greene M.D.
Gentle Birth Choices - Barbara Harper
Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering - Buckley
Guide to Breastfeeding - Dr.Jack Newman  &Teresa Pitman
Having a Baby the Simple Guide - Penny Simkin
Having Twins and More - Elizabeth Noble
Home Birth in the Hospital - Stacey Marie Kerr MD
Hypnobirthing - a Celebration of Life - Marie F. Mongan
Hypnobirthing with CD - Marie F. Mongan
In The Womb ~   National Geographic
Ina May's Guide to Breastfeeding
Ina May Gaskins Guide to Childbirth
Labor Pain - a natural approach to easing delivery - Nicky Wesson
Magical Beginnings Enchanted Lives - A holistic guide to Preg. & childbirth - Chopra
Mamatoto ~a celebration of birth
Manual of High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery - (technical nursing book) Gilbert & Harmon
Mothering the Mother - Marshal Klaus
Mothering the New Mother - Sally Placksin
Natural Hospital Birth - Cynthia Gabriel
Natural Parenting - Peter & Fiona Walker
Our Babies, Ourselves - Meredith Small
Parenting and Child Care - William Sears
Pregnancy and Birth The Best Evidence - Joyce Barrett  & Teresa Pitman
Pregnancy and Childbirth Secrets - Gail J Dahl
Pregnancy and the first days with Twins, Triplets and More - Fierro
Pregnancy Birth and The Early Months - Richard Fenbloom
Pregnancy Childbirth and the Newborn - The Complete Guide P Simkin
Pregnancy Day by Day - Sheila Kitzinger
Preparing for Birth Fathers - Andrea Robertson
Preparing for Birth Mothers - Andrea Robertson
The Baby Book  updated and revised - William Sears
The Baby Book - William Sears
The Birth Book - William Sears
The Birth Partner Second edition - Penny Simkin
The Birth Partner Third edition - Penny Simkin
The Breastfeeding Answer Book  Pocket - La Leche League
The Complete Baby exercise Program - Dianna Simkin
The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth - Sheila Kitzinger
The Discipline Book - William Sears
The Everything Twins,Triplets and More - Pamela Fierro
The Female Pelvis - Anatomy and Exercise - Blandine Calaies-Germain
The High-Risk Pregnancy - Denise Chism
The Midwifery Option ~ a Canadian guide to the Birth Experience S Knox
The Mother of all Baby Books - Ann Douglas
The Mother of all Pregnancy Books - Ann Douglas
The Multiple Pregnancy Source book - Nancy Bowers
The Natural Pregnancy Book - Herbs, nutrition and other holistic choices
The Nursing Mother's Companion - Forth Revised Edition K Huggins
The Nurturing Touch at Birth - Pauline Perez
The Official Lamaze Guide ~ Giving Birth with Confidence Judith Lothian
The Pregnancy Book - Sears and Sears
The Pregnancy Bible, - Second Edition
The Twelve month Pregnancy Barry Herman 
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding sixth revised La Leche
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding seventh revised La Leche
This Isn't What I expected - Overcoming Postpartum Depression
Twelve Gifts of Birth - Charlene Costanzo
Twins Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life - first edition Connie Agnew, Alan Klein, Jill Ganon
Twins Pregnancy, Birth and the First Year of Life- second edition Connie Agnew, Alan Klein, Jill Ganon
Your Plus Size Pregnancy -  Brette Sember
Your Pregnancy for the father to be - First edition Glade Curtis
Your Pregnancy for the father to be - Second edition Glade Curtis
Your Pregnancy Week by Week - Glade Curtis
Amazing Talent of The Newborn - Video
Amazing Talent of The Newborn - DVD
Baby Led Breastfeeding Mother - Baby Dance DVD Christine Smile
Gentle Birth Choices DVD - Barbra Harper
Getting to Know your Baby - The Newborn Exam - DVD - Kittie Frantz 
Follow Me mum breastfeeding - DVD
From Conception to Birth  ~ Discovery DVD
In the Womb Multiples ~ National Geographic ~ DVD                            
Jack Newman Breastfeeding DVD
Laboring Under An Illusion - Documentary - Vicki Elson DVD
The first hour of life - DVD Marshall Klaus
The Three Rs of Childbirth  Relaxation, Rhythm, Ritual - DVD  P Simkin
Delivery Self Attachment - DVD
Stages of Labour 2 - DVD
What Babies Want DVD
Penny Simkin Relaxation CD
The Energy of Birthing - Guide to prepare you for the miracle of your baby's birth  - Ava Curtola
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