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Doula Care

Supporting your birth journey

Doulas and Midwives Working Together to Provide You 

Optimal Labour Support

Doula Care supports clients that have a Midwife for their primary caregiver. Together the support of a doula and the care of a midwife will assist women and their families to have a very supportive birth experience.

Mitzi Gerber, is a Labour Doula, Lactation Educator, and Lamaze trained Childbirth Educator. 

Midwives and doulas have been working together for centuries. Historically, a doula was a woman from the community who attended births and helped out in non-medical ways. Today working together we can provide women and their partners with optimal support.

Doulas and midwives have very different roles and offer different kinds of care. Your midwife is a clinical health care professional who is there primarily to take care of your physical needs within the more holistic approach of the midwifery model. As your primary healthcare provider, your midwife has many clinical responsibilities in addition to offering you support which means that, at times, she may not be always able to be at your side. Other tasks your midwife may need to attend to include monitoring mom and baby, charting, setting up equipment and may include communicating with other health care providers on your team.

Your doula’s role is your emotional care. Her responsibilities birth primarily helping you to be confident and maintain a coping mindset, providing physical and emotional support and helping your partner to feel supported and involved. Your doula can provide or expand upon your prenatal education as well as being a resource to all things related to pregnancy, birth and postpartum in your community.

A doula often joins you in early before your midwife arrives. Early can take some time and many parents are often surprised on how much time they spend by themselves before it’s time to see their midwife. Your doula is available for you when you feel you want more support so you aren’t alone and can help you to interpret when it’s time to call the midwife or go to the hospital, what your midwife might want to know when you speak with her and offer breaks and support to partners.

Your doula is the extra pair of hands, allowing your partner the freedom to be by your side.

She may also assist by:

- Offering suggestions in early and active labour to help with comfort and labour progress including position suggestions, the use of heat and cold, verbal encouragement.

- Be as hands on as you would like offering massage and comforting touch or by just being physically present

- Take pictures

- Ensure you are offered something to eat and drink so you and your partner are staying well hydrated and nourished.

- Fill and empty tub and or pool and ensure it is cleaned.

- Retrieve linens in labour and post delivery from where they are kept.

- Warm linens for mom and baby post deliver.

- Protect your space if needed.

- Start the birth laundry.

This varied support allows you both to have the focus you desire.

Please see a more extensive list of what a doula can do "What Else a Doula Can Do!" on the "What is a Doula?" page.

As a there are limits to our scope of practice.

Doulas Do Not:

  • Perform any medical tasks - including interpreting machines or test results
  • Replace your partner
  • Speak on your behalf
  • Give a second opinion
  • With hold anything from you
  • Speak for you or your partner
  • Make decisions for you

Whether this is your a first time birthing or you have had a previous birth experience, continuous support

is of great importance.

Those who have experienced Cesarean delivery, traumatic birth, those who are experiencing complicated pregnancies or those that have experienced unusual hardships during a previous birth or postpartum period, will see immense benefits from early and continuous physical and emotional support.

Registered Midwives ~ Edmonton area


Aspen Community Midwifery

Beginnings Midwifery Care


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Comfort Midwives


Edmonton Community Midwives

(780) 540-8185

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HOPE Midwives

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JoySpring Midwifery

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Lucina Centre - Midwives

Lucina Birth Centre


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St Albert Community Midwives


For more information please contact the Alberta Association of Midwives 780-425-5464 or visit

Content copyright ~ Mitzi Gerber ~ All rights reserved

Content copyright ~ Mitzi Gerber ~ All rights reserved