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Doula Care

Supporting your birth journey

Doulas and Partners/Supports

A common concern among partners who wish to be present at the birth of their child, is that a doula will "take away from" the experience.

Our hope is nothing further from that reality. Our hope and goal as your doula is to enhance your experience.

Our experience is meant to reassure you, in still confidence in you, and allow you to be as active a partner in the birth as you desire.

Labour positions and details discussed in childbirth education classes can be difficult for you to recall in the moment. We're there to help you remember, to help you be the support person you envision and mom needs.

All those questions you might have not only during the labour but also pregnancy. We're there to answer them, and encourage you to ask.

We're there to reassure you are doing a fantastic job supporting your partner just by your presence.

Your job as a labour support person is not an easy one. We're there to offer you support too.   

You might think a doula’s support is simply redundant. You think, "I'm here, her nurse and care provider are here. What would a doula add?"

Without a doula, YOU are the only constant source of support for the labouring mom. The doctor, nurse or midwife are not always there for the entire duration of the labour and may not join you until active labour or just before delivery.

A doula's constant presence can simply provide relief for you to step out, get a snack, or rest if necessary.

A doula will let you and wants you to participate in the labour and birth as you desire, and then she can fill in any gaps, if there are any, to ensure that the birthing needs are met. You know your partner's personality, likes, dislikes, and needs better than anyone else. No one else can love them like you can.

A doula can bring knowledge about childbirth and the birthing environment's policies and procedures and can help you gather the information needed to make an informed.

Together, the doula and partner make a fantastic non-medical team of support for the labourer.