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Doula Care

Supporting your birth journey

Are you looking for a Childbirth Education Class that

shares information on "Normal Birth"

and will help you feel

Prepared, Informed and Empowered?

We believe education builds awareness, awareness reveals choice and 

choice brings empowerment.

Our prenatal (class) workshops will help you feel more:

Prepared - What you learn and practice will make you more confident, and relaxed in and early postpartum.

Informed - Current information is shared.

Empowered - As you discover your options you will be empowered to make informed decisions that are right for you, your labour and your baby.

Childbirth Education Schedule

Registration is now being accepted for

2021 Prenatal Education (classes) Workshops.

Space is limited register early.

Please fill out the prenatal workshop registration form.

Choose from the side menu.

Workshops must be prepaid in order for your space to be held. 

  *Workshop fees are non-refundable.

*Due to limited space, we are unable to offer make-updates for any missed workshops.

All Workshops are held at the Aspen Community Midwives Office

8712 48 Ave NW Unit #106, NW Edmonton

Aspen Community Midwives Office 

Four Week Series Workshop Fees


Four Week Prenatal Education Class - Workshops

Workshops are suitable for participants who have midwifery care or those who desire an unmedicated birth (no in-depth discussion on medications or on hospital policies and procedures)

2021 Workshops  

  September 9, 16, 23, 30.    (Thursdays) 7-9pm

October/November  Oct 28, November 4, 18, 25     (Thursdays) 7-9pm

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm (total 8 hours)

Space limited

Not your first Birth but want a review of

Comfort Measures?

Register for CLASS TWO in the series

Cost $50.00 per couple

Wear comfortable clothing as this class is hands on.

Space is limited

Registration form on

*Registration Fee is non-refundable for all workshops.

Here’s what’s covered in each class.

Anatomy and Physiology of Birth

  • Lamaze Six Care Practices
  • Imagining your birth
  • Preparing mentally for the journey ahead
  • Stages of Labour
  • Understanding the “timeline” of Labor
  • Signs of labour
  • What is a “normal” labour
  • Physical and emotional changes in labour
  • What happens if things don’t go as planned
  • Preparing the birth environment (Room)
  • Water birth
  • Warning signs – when you should call your midwife/caregiver

Hands on Comfort Measures

  • What causes discomfort?
  • What brings you comfort?
  • Reframing pain
  • Tools for labour – Touch – Breathing – Vocalizing – Music – Lighting – Heat Packs – TENS – Rebozo – Birth Ball
  • Early Labour – comfort and progress
  • Active Labour – comfort and progress
  • Upright Positions
  • Restful Positions
  • Variations of labour – back labour – slow or stalled labour
  • Precipitous or fast labour
  • Second Stage
  • Pushing
  • Signs of “readiness” to push
  • Spontaneous vs. coached pushing
  • Avoiding perineal tears

Postpartum Mom and Baby

  • Delayed cord clamping
  • Physical – Birther
  • Taking care of yourself, comforts
  • Emotions – baby blues – postpartum depression
  • Placenta encapsulation? What is that?
  • Postpartum - Partner
  • Communication
  • Realistic expectations
  • Physical Baby
  • Preparing for the early weeks
  • Diapers
  • Skin care
  • Equipment – crib, bassinet, strollers, change tables,
  • Fluff or Necessary

Nursing and Baby Wearing

  • Nursing basics
  • Skin to skin
  • Baby lead latch
  • Out put – Normal Nappies
  • Is baby getting enough
  • Equipment
  • Baby Wearing – Hands on
  • Safety
  • Evaluating carriers
  • Slings, Mei Teis, Buckle Carriers, Wraps

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